Radiation Detection Devices

various means to quantify various types of radiation emitted

This is an overview of various forms of ionizing radiation, and methods/devices used to detect it’s presence and quantify the amount of emissions, and the amount of absorption that may occur.


Aircraft gyro-compass

The technology, limits and other information

How a gyro-compass works, what are it’s limits

Jason McPeak

Photographer, Mystic, Repairman, etc.

My father was a professional photographer for 35 years in the Houston, TX area. He was on the board of directors of the PPGH, and their treasurer for two years. I have also work in photography on and off for many years, and studied mysticism, cultures, science, etc.


The original medium format wedding camera

This is a brief history of the Koni omega camera line. In here you’ll find a company history, model history, and a description of features specific to the rapid-m model

Filters in Black and White Photography

How to use colored filters to alter your recorded image.

Most film camera photographers use; UV, or yellow, orange, red, deep red color filters on their cameras with black and white film to increase contrast and cut out haze, you must do the opposite to get; fog, mist, haze, or clouds. You must reduce contrast.


How it works, why it works, and how to get results

An explanation on the ZONE system used in fine art black and white photography. Invented by Ansel Adams, modified and developed by George Weston. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS


Twin lens reflex camera (TLR) model F (last design in the c series)

Description and function of the C330F camera, and it’s capabilities, flaws and quirks.