Jason McPeak

Photographer, Mystic, Repairman, etc.



My father was a professional photographer for 35 years in the Houston, TX area. He was on the board of directors of the PPGH, and their treasurer for two years. I have also work in photography on and off for many years, and studied mysticism, cultures, science, etc.

     I am currently working on revamping a photography buisness using a combination of both chemical and digital photography to suit my customers needs. I will be combining digital photography with inkjet printed negatives to make hybrid photo’s and doing restoration and repair by digitizing negatives and prints, manipulating them, and either inkjet printing them, or making a inkjet negative and chemical printing the final prints.
     My current foray into steampunk genre has been on hold due to a lack of funds. I have quite a collection of 1900’s technology going, including; 1930’s mechanical typewriter (90% restored), 1940’s hand crank adding machine (100% restored), various working 120 film cameras from the 1920’s-1940’s, various surveying instruments, and brass/iron measuring scales. I am currently working on a project involving modern linear electronics, and a 1960 vacuum gyroscope compass from a Beechcraft airplane. I will be coupleing together the gyro with a small battery powered turbine vacuum pump running on a NMOS PWM speed control, and a linear IC voltage regulator supply, with mechanical vacuum gauge, and safety vent to create a semi-portable gyrocompass navigation unit with information for setting it by magnetic compass, and by the POLARIS (north star) which is only 37′ (less than 1 deg) off from true (geographical) north. This will be great in the advent of a disaster such as a geomagnetic storm which would leave magnetic compasses useless for awhile. The finished product willy truly be steampunk in both artistic and mechanical design.