The original medium format wedding camera



This is a brief history of the Koni omega camera line. In here you’ll find a company history, model history, and a description of features specific to the rapid-m model

The Koni Omega Rapid-M was from the line of cameras known as the omega series. Originally invented by the Simmons brothers (OMEGA enlargers). The rapid-m was manufactured between 1967-68, and was the premier press/portrait camera through the 1970’s and up till about 81/82.


  • 4 lenses 58mm(60mm), 90mm, 135mm, 180mm (the 135mm is uncommon and difficult to find)
  • 1/500 sec shutter speed
  • 1/30 sec shutter/flash sync
  • bellows focus using extending tubes instead of soft fabric
  • rangefinder focus system
  • three cold shoe mounts on top for accessories
  • 120/220 film use depending on which back you had
  • 6x7cm negative format
  • 2 close up adapters (#1, #2, also adjusted the rangefinder to match when used)
  • sports finder accessory
  • 1/4″ and 3/8″ tripod mount sockets on bottom
  • handle bracket with shutter cable holder
  • flash bracket for graflex bulb type flashes
  • built in paralax correction

The camera actually had some ingenious safety interlocks built into it;

  • shutter won’t fire with dark slide in
  • lens or film back won’t release with dark slide in
  • shutter release button had lock function to prevent accidental trigger

The various models made were;

  1. Combat Camera PH-501/PF  
  2. Omega 120 
  3. Omega 120 KE-8 
  4. Koni-Omega Rapid 
  5. Konica Press 
  6. Koni-Omega Rapid M 
  7. Koni-Omega M 
  8. Koni-Omegaflex M 
  9. Konica Press 2 
  10. Rapid Omega 100 
  11. Rapid Omega 200 
  12. Rapid Omega 200 KE-58 (USAF designation on a modified Rapid Omega 200 for recon use)

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